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Business plan


Our ambition- a quality local environment for all to enjoy

We will:

  • work with residents, parish and town councils and businesses to plan, protect and enhance the quality of our neighbourhoods
  • utilise Wyre’s USP – the Great Outdoors – supporting residents and visitors to maximise the opportunities from coast to countryside
  • collaborate with our partners to respond to a range of climate change issues, including our commitment to carbon footprint reduction and tackling flood risk across Wyre

How we will do this:

  • review and monitor the Wyre Local Plan 2011-2031
  • deliver the Wyre beach management scheme
  • facilitate and support the improvement and use of parks and open spaces
  • deliver our action plan to reduce the effect of climate change on our borough including exploring green energy opportunities
  • promote actively to support our residents to reduce waste, increase reuse and recycling and implement environmental initiatives to help achieve a cleaner, greener Wyre
  • support the Turning Tides partnership in their ambition to achieve a blue flag coast that is free from plastic pollution

How we will measure progress:

  • number of people attending outdoor activities
  • satisfaction with parks and open spaces
  • satisfaction with keeping public land free from litter
  • reduction in fly tipping reported
  • money raised for good causes by the Wyre Community Lottery
  • reduction in council carbon emissions
  • number of public electric charging points
  • number of trees planted
  • percentage of household waste recycled