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Business plan


Our ambition: empowered communities

We will:

  • collaborate with residents and local stakeholders to support and maximise opportunities for improving health and wellbeing across our communities
  • transform the way customers access our services through making better use of technology
  • explore opportunities for communities and partners to deliver initiatives that build resilience and sustainability
  • work with partners to support and raise the aspirations of young people

How we will do this:

  • develop a long term strategy for sustainable leisure and wellbeing provision across Wyre
  • deliver a programme of work to promote healthy choices and healthier lifestyles to keep people well
  • maximise funding opportunities and deliver initiatives to support older people and people with disabilities to maintain independence
  • work with partners to improve the aspirations and resilience of our young people
  • develop a programme of work that improves the sustainability and resilience of our communities that builds on the learning from the covid support hubs
  • launch the next phase of the Digital Wyre strategy ensuring customers have easy access to our services and that we embrace the opportunities new technologies bring

How we will measure progress:

  • percentage of e-contacts as a percentage of total contacts
  • number of people helped to remain independent at home
  • percentage of physically active adults
  • number of visits to leisure centres
  • net gain/loss of members per leisure centre
  • number of volunteer hours
  • percentage of resident population who consider themselves to be in good health