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Business plan

The business plan shows the projects that the council is prioritising and how it will measure achievement, as well as how it is allocating the resources over the three years to ensure that these priorities are delivered.

Every three months performance reports are produced to show how we are progressing with the projects and measures. The reports are submitted for scrutiny and further actions as deemed necessary.

Our vision: Wyre - proud, ambitious and thriving... Together we make a difference

People and communities

Our ambition: Empowered, healthier and resilient communities

We will:

  • Collaborate with residents and local stakeholders to maximise opportunities for improving health and wellbeing across our communities
  • Work with our partners to focus on supporting people to become more active and increase their physical activity
  • Explore opportunities for communities and partners to build resilience supporting our most vulnerable residents and our ageing population
  • Work with partners to reduce violence and anti-social behaviour

How we will do this:

  • Work with partners to deliver Wyre’s Moving More Strategy to increase rates of physical activity across Wyre
  • Complete a review of our indoor leisure provision by Summer 2023
  • Deliver effective support to our most vulnerable residents including the Household Support fund
  • Continue to take a proactive role in delivering the Community Safety Partnership, co-ordinating an action plan for Violence Reduction

Our success measures:

  • Increased number of people engaged with our health programmes
  • Reduced percentage of adults that are physically inactive
  • 600,000 annual visits to our leisure centres
  • 20,000 volunteer hours facilitated and supported
  • 900 children engaged with holiday activities
  • Outcomes from delivering the Household Support Fund
  • Proactive actions to reduce violence against the person and Anti-Social Behaviour

Growth and prosperity

Our ambition: A strong local economy

We will:

  • Work with the Fylde Coast Economic Prosperity Board to support economic growth and attract greener investment to Wyre
  • Collaborate with our partners to facilitate cleaner, greener, vibrant town centres
  • Support businesses to grow, prosper and recover
  • Maximise commercial opportunities and promote our tourism assets
  • Deliver efficiencies

How we will do this:

  • Continue to support business growth and job creation as accountable body for Hillhouse Technology Enterprise Zone
  • Continue to support town centre recovery and explore investment and sustainable development opportunities for our key town centres and the visitor economy
  • Support our business community to establish new start-ups, grow and create jobs through our Wyred Up business support programme
  • Explore external funding and investment opportunities for our key council assets including theatres, markets and leisure facilities
  • Deliver the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and Rural England Prosperity Fund 2023-2025

Our success measures:

  • Support job creation within the Enterprise Zone
  • Increase footfall to our town centres
  • Reduce town centre vacancy rates to below 11%
  • Increase number of businesses supported in Wyre
  • 80% of fledgling businesses surviving for 18 months
  • Increase number of visitors to the borough each year
  • 97% of business rates collected
  • 97% of council tax collected
  • Successful delivery of our UKSPF projects

Environment and climate

Our ambition: A cleaner, greener and more sustainable environment

We will:

  • Work towards reducing the council’s and wider borough’s emissions by at least 78% by 2035
  •  Collaborate with our partners to respond to a range of climate change issues, including our commitment to carbon footprint reduction and tackling flood risk across Wyre
  • Work with residents, Parish and Town Councils and businesses to plan, protect and enhance the quality of our neighbourhoods and environment and promote responsible use of Wyre's great outdoors.

How we will do this:

  • Deliver our Climate Change Strategy including a carbon budget
  • Deliver our action plan to reduce the effect of climate change on our borough including the carbon footprint of all council activities and assets
  • Collaborate with partners to reduce community energy consumption through retrofitting houses and the delivery of Cosy Homes in Lancashire (CHIL)
  • Deliver the Wyre Beach Management Scheme to protect 11,000 homes from coastal flooding by October 2026
  • Lead on Our Future Coast project and support the Wyre Natural Flood Management project to help prepare communities for coastal change resulting from climate change
  • Complete a full review of the Wyre Local Plan by 2024

Our success measures:

  • 10% reduction in council carbon emissions by May 2023
  • Delivery of our Climate Change Action Plan
  • Number of domestic energy measures installed under the Cosy Homes in Lancashire, via Government grant schemes
  • 11,000 more homes protected from flooding by October 2026