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Staying safe on Wyre's promenades and coastal paths

Walking and cycling safely Published Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Wyre’s promenades and coastal paths are popular shared spaces all year round - here are some guidelines to help everyone enjoy them.

These shared use paths are popular with people who are looking for motor traffic free routes, either for leisure purposes or just for getting to work or the shops. We want everyone to enjoy visiting our coastline. More than anything we want people to be safe, and with our promenade and coastal paths busier than ever, this is something that all users can play a part in. In most circumstances cyclists, walkers and other users are able to co-exist happily when they use the same routes, but mutual respect and consideration are a vital part of this.

Reducing your speed is one way to help create a safer promenade. Be mindful of others especially when cycling or skating past pedestrians.

Most importantly - please pay attention to safety and warning signs, particularly at the entrances to the promenade. They are there with your safety and wellbeing in mind. For example the “Cyclists Dismount” signs in Cleveleys  the promenade at Café Cove and 5 Bar Gate are there because the promenade is very narrow along this length, there are pinch points where users must give way to each other. If you want to stay on your bicycle then use the road between these two locations.

A bracing sea breeze can often mask sound, so much so that a pedestrian may not appreciate that a cyclist is approaching from the rear. Children may not know what to do if a cyclist rings their bell; a loose dog may not always react in the way you think it likely to; cyclists need to be aware that other people may not see or hear them coming, or it simply may not be possible to get out of the way.

Walkers should take care and avoid wearing headphones which will prevent you from hearing warnings, or allowing dogs to run freely or at the end of long leads. 

Wyre Council supports the following Code of Conduct developed by Sustrans, and urges cyclists to comply with these suggestions in the interest of friendly and harmonious shared use of the promenade and coastal pathways.

Top tips for sharing the space

  • Use the path in a way that is considerate to the comfort and safety of others, whether rising or walking.
  • When it's dark, or conditions are dull, make sure you are visible to others. Use lights and/or high-viz at night.
  • Be particularly careful at junctions, bends, entrances onto the path, or any other blind spots where people could appear in front of you without warning.
  • When riding a bike, travel at a speed appropriate to the conditions and ensure you can stop in time.
  • Be courteous and patient with other path users who are moving more slowly than you, and slow down as needed when space is limited or if you cannot see clearly ahead.
  • Please be aware, especially of more vulnerable users such as older people, people with small children, people in wheelchairs, or the hearing or visually impaired.  
  • Give way to slower users and wheelchair users and take care around horse riders leaving plenty of room.
  • When riding a bike, ring a bell well in advance if approaching people from behind.
  • Keep your dog under control which may require a short lead.



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