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NHS Covid 19 app

NHS Published Wednesday, 23 September 2020

The government have announced that certain venues, including those run by local authorities, will now be legally required to display NHS QR code posters in their venues by 24 September.

This includes all venues from the following sectors:

  • hospitality
  • leisure and tourism
  • close contact services
  • local authority venues

For further details on the announcement please visit Gov.UK

You can find further information and support for local businesses including how to print and display a QR code poster on our website. To create a poster you have to go to the gov website link on our page and fill in the form, then you will be emailed a QR code and a poster.

From 24 September people will also be able to download the NHS Test and Trace app on their phone. When someone enters a venue and scans an official NHS QR code poster, the venue information will be logged on their phone. They will then receive alerts and notifications if Coronavirus is detected at a venue they have visited. Further information on how the app works, how to download it and how to scan a QR code can be read here

If your business or venue falls into one of the sectors or categories that should provide a customer log, and a visitor chooses to check-in using the official NHS QR code, they will not need to provide their contact details by any other route. However, you will still need to offer a manual option for recording visitors' contact details, for people who do not have a smartphone or do not want to use the NHS COVID-19 app.


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