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Lancashire council leaders agree to explore new Combined Authority

News Published Monday, 15 June 2020

Lancashire council leaders have agreed in principle to explore a combined authority for Lancashire.

At a meeting of all Lancashire council leaders on Wednesday a unanimous decision was taken for the councils to work together more closely to improve the economy of Lancashire addressing issues such as transport and inward investment. 

At a meeting of Lancashire council leaders on 10 June councillors agreed that: All councils in Lancashire agree to continue to explore the possibility of working together with our local authority partners to investigate setting up a combined authority to embrace the county’s future economic opportunities. The agreement needs to be ratified by each of the councils represented and will be subject to local democratic processes.

Other areas of the UK which have set up a combined authority have seen a boost to investment in the economy, infrastructure and skills.  

Councillor Geoff Driver, Leader of Lancashire County Council stated, “The creation of a combined authority is a great opportunity for the whole of Lancashire.

"The principle has been positively endorsed today by Lancashire County Council’s Cabinet”.

Council leaders acknowledged that the delivery of local government functions may need to be simplified in the combined authority area. They have agreed to explore models of devolution and improved governance arrangements in the future. 

Councillor David Henderson, Leader of Wyre Borough Council and Councillor Alyson Barnes, Leader of Rossendale Borough Council, and Chair of the District Leaders Forum stated, “Councils in Lancashire are keen to work together for the benefit of all our residents and businesses across Lancashire. 

"The interest in a combined authority for Lancashire stems from the ability to access greater Government funding to assist the growth of businesses and stimulate the economy.”



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