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September at the Mount – work begins

The Mount pavilion Published Friday, 27 September 2019

This month work gets underway on the second phase of improvements to the Mount. This iconic landmark is undergoing a revival as we take the landscape back to its original 19th century design.

Some of the first things that our contractors Rosslee Construction will be working on are:

  • The Lodge – Electricity North West will be moving the electricity substation so that work can begin on the building. Rosslee will then start work on repairing the roof, installing new windows and opening up the basement rooms.
  • The Mount Pavilion – work will begin on the pavilion later this year and Rosslee will start by making repairs to the roof, balcony and veranda.
  • The gardens – in preparation for the restoration work to the pavilion, the pine trees next to the building will be replaced. We have been advised by an independent tree expert that as these tall trees continue to grow, their position on a steep slope means that they cannot stay long term because of the risk of being brought down in the wind. Residents have also told us that the trees make the area feel dark and intimidating. Replacing these trees with low growing evergreen shrubs will allow us to take the landscape back to its original design, opening up the views to the pavilion and views from the Mount over Fleetwood. The shrubs will offer a more diverse habitat for wildlife than the pines can support. The large groups of deciduous native trees either side will remain and also be enhanced in the future. The roots of the trees will be kept as these have helped to stabilise the area on the slope. The tree replacement will be undertaken in October, before bird nesting season begins in March. Elsewhere in the gardens we’re also planning on planting many more trees to further improve the gardens for people as well as wildlife.  
  • Playground – the playground will be closed as we prepare to build a replacement playground in the grassed area to the east of the pavilion. There is an alternative play area just across the road at Marine Gardens.

During the restoration there will be path diversions in place and entrances such as the lodge will be closed. This is to ensure a safe working environment whilst trying to keep some areas open for visitors to enjoy. Please bear with us throughout the project and be assured that any disruption to the landscape will be rectified as soon as possible.

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