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Creating beautiful spaces in Wyre’s alleyways

Alleyways, seabank road Published Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Wyre Council is working with residents of Wyre to transform their alleyways and create amazing spaces for the community. Everyone is invited to lend a hand and discover their hidden creative talents.

For years, many alleyways have been left empty and neglected, but now local residents are coming together to create a safe, sociable and creative space.

Following the hugely successful initiative led by local residents of Seabank Road, the council has teamed up with Groundwork and Hubbub, a charity that creates environmental campaigns with a difference, to transform more alleyways in the area for the community to enjoy.

Sara Ordonez, resident and coordinator of the alley transformation, commented, “This project has far exceeded our expectations. It has reignited community spirit and integration amongst neighbours within a space that, for so long, had been grotty, unloved and full of rubbish.”

It is hoped that the projects will encourage more residents to take action and create something amazing in their alleyway, as well as teach residents new skills.

She added, “The support and willingness of local people, the borough and town councils along with local businesses to make a difference is a testament to how collectively a vision can happen. Projects like these don’t change policy but make a massive difference to people and the future of social preservation. It is hoped that this project will give inspiration to other people.”

The projects will be happening on the alleyways of Westfield Avenue/Whinfield Avenue in Fleetwood and Warren Street/ St. Peter’s Place in Fleetwood.

Jon Hutchinson, Programme of Director for Communities from Groundwork, commented, “The project is a great opportunity for the community to come together and create real change on their doorstep. We are hoping to bring people together and transform alleyways into vibrant community spaces.”

To carry out the work on the alleyways, residents and partners will be carrying out, ‘fix, create and celebrate’ events in which everyone is invited to attend.

The alley between Westfield Ave/Whinfield Avenue, Fleetwood will be holding their ‘fix’ event on 5 September from 2pm and the ‘create’ sessions will be held on 9 September from 3pm.

The alley between Warren St/St. Peter’s Place, Fleetwood will be holding their ‘fix’ event on 6 September from 2pm and the ‘create’ session will be held on 10 September from 3pm.

Everyone is invited to pop along to the sessions, there’s no need to book. If you’d like more information on the sessions, contact Jon Hutchinson from Groundwork,

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