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Wyre takes action to tackle climate change

Cleveleys beach Published Friday, 12 July 2019

Wyre Council outlined plans to continue to tackle climate change at a meeting of full council last night, Thursday 11 July having already implemented a number of measures to tackle this global concern

Leader of the council, Councillor David Henderson explains, “A growing number of UK local authorities have recently passed ‘climate emergency’ motions. At last night’s meeting Wyre Council also declared a climate emergency, however we have long recognised the issue of climate change.

“Wyre’s Local Plan, which was approved in February 2019, contains numerous policies which address climate change, such as the use of resources and minimising waste. In March 2019, full council also approved the council’s new business plan which references the importance of climate change and which demonstrates that Wyre is ahead of the curve.

“Officers have been charged with developing a climate change action plan which will be brought back to councillors to approve, however we have already begun work on a number of projects and we will continue to look into new initiatives.”

These schemes include a recent decision to use refuse collection vehicles with electric bin lifts, as well as adding two hybrid vehicles to the council’s fleet. An investment of £1 million has also been made to purchase bins to replace smaller recycling boxes currently used for glass and plastic. The hope is that residents will find these easier to use and the increased space will encourage a higher rate of recycling.

The council has also worked closely with Lancashire County Council on an air pollution management scheme to change the flow of traffic in Poulton which has significantly improved the air quality in the area. The two councils have also worked together to install electric car charging points in the borough.

In addition the council’s own buildings have been reviewed, with LED lighting being installed at Fleetwood Market and a task group being set up to reduce the single use plastics used at venues including the Civic Centre, Thornton Little Theatre and Marine Hall.

Councillor Henderson continues “We are committed to tackling climate change and will continue to look at other options that we can explore such as increased tree planting, the purchase of more electric vehicles and improving the energy efficiency of our assets. It will not stop here, we will push forward and do what we can to reduce Wyre’s contribution to climate change.”

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