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The second phase of restoration at the Mount Pavilion and Gardens

The Mount Pavillion in Fleetwood Published Thursday, 07 June 2018

Wyre Council has submitted a second round application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for funding for restoration of the garden areas that have yet to be touched including the pavilion and lodge.

Work to reinstate the Victorian railings, restore the shelters, repair the pathways and create new rockeries and planting was completed in 2017 and we were delighted that our first-round application to the Heritage Lottery Fund Parks for People programme was also approved in January that year.

The Heritage Lottery Fund supported research, planning and pilot activities to prepare a second-round application which was submitted 1 March 2018. If this is approved in July 2018 we will receive a grant of £2million. Together with the generous donation from Mrs Lofthouse, this will fund the restoration of the garden areas that have yet to be touched including the pavilion and lodge.

Wyre Council has submitted planning and listed building consent which is now pending and awaiting a decision.

The restoration work would start in September 2019 and take approximately 12 months to complete (depending on the availability of specialist contractors). Following this, Wyre Council will host a range of activities for the three years and there will be a variety of ways for everyone to be involved.

Wyre would like to thank everyone who has helped with the bid – whether as a volunteer helping with research, completing surveys or attending one of the activities. When working on the application, a number of you had similar questions with the top three being:

Q. What colour will the pavilion be?

A. We sent the layers of paint from different parts of the building to be analysed so that we could find out what colours we should use. In 1902 the woodwork on the outside of the building was a dark green and the walls were a pale shade of cream.

Q. Will the pines go?

A. The pines need to go so that the views of and from the pavilion are opened up again. We’ll make sure the bank is stable and will plant new trees elsewhere to mitigate for the loss. The pines were planted in the 1980s and offer very little for wildlife and have become a den which makes other visitors feel anxious about their own safety and security.

Q. How will the buildings be used?

A. The pavilion will be refurbished to provide a downstairs function room for public events and receptions. The upper floor of the lodge will be opened as a tearoom and the lower floors (which are inaccessible at present) will be used as a mess room for volunteers helping on the grounds and by an artist and scientist who will run activities.

Q. What’s happening with the flag mast?

A. Sadly the structure has come to the end of its life. We’re busy looking at options for replacement so that we can put back a replica of this much loved feature.

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