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Wyre Council launches use of Noise App – a faster, easier way to submit noise evidence

The noise app logo Published Monday, 21 May 2018

Wyre Council is encouraging anyone experiencing problematic noise to download the new free noise app on which they can make recordings to submit as evidence to the council.

The noise app is a new and improved way in which residents can gather evidence to assist the council in investigating their noise complaint.  Having made a noise complaint to the council, residents can simply download the smart phone app free of charge from the Apple Store and Google Play Store, and use it to record snap shots of any nuisance noise.

It is estimated that every local authority officer deals with an average of 330 complaints every year, with the biggest source of noise nuisance coming from noisy neighbours. It costs local authorities between £130-£7000 to investigate noise complaints, depending on the nature of the complaint and how far it escalates. The use of tools like the noise app help to resolve the problem of noise nuisance before it escalates to court.

Noise Action Week 2018 (21-26 May), coordinated by Environmental Protection UK, raises awareness of the cost of noise to local authorities and the health and wellbeing of communities and individuals. The aim of the campaign is to make people mindful to the noise they are making around others, raising the issue of why it’s important to reduce exposure to noise and informing people who can help with noise issues.

Wyre Council, in conjunction with other partners, also offers a free, confidential mediation service for appropriate cases of neighbour dispute or anti-social behaviour.

They offer professional guidance on technical matters such as noise legislation and allow both sides to have their say and help form a fair agreement that will work for everyone.

It is hoped that the noise app will be beneficial for both victims of noise pollution and Wyre Council in collating evidence and that along with the mediation service, will assist in the early resolution of complaints. 

To find out more about the process of submitting a noise complaint, the mediation service and how to download and use the noise app visit

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