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Fleetwood waste fire update

Jameson rd fire Published Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Latest update on the plastics waste fire at Jameson Road in Fleetwood.

The plastics waste fire has responded to the tactics of controlled burning and the remains of the building containing the material is to be demolished.

During the demolition firefighters will work alongside the contractors to extinguish remaining pockets of fire as they become accessible.

Throughout the incident the issue has been that excessive amounts of water jetted onto the fire would be ineffective because the layers of plastic shed the water off, unless they are dug into and turned over by machinery to expose more pockets of fire to be extinguished.

Though some of that process of ‘raking’ the embers has taken place – using mechanical diggers – whenever it is done the smoke plume immediately increases and additionally, the building is unsafe and the final phase of extinguishing the fire can only occur once the building is down.

Our advice to the public is to recognise that until the fire is finally out the demolition of the building and the consequent disturbance of the burning material as the fire is being extinguished will result in more smoke arising from the site. Equipment to suppress the smoke will be in place but some may still get offsite. Please remember that any smoke, if breathed in, can potentially be an irritant and it is advisable to keep windows shut if indoors and to stay away from the smoke if you are out and about. Anyone with specific concerns or who requires more advice is encouraged to call NHS 111.

How much longer will this take? Demolition contractors will be on site tomorrow morning (Thursday 12 May) together with fire crews working simultaneously to extinguish fire exposed by the demolition. The process should be completed within a week and updates will be provided throughout.

Please be assured that the situation is being monitored closely by a partnership of agencies including Wyre Council, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, the Environment Agency and the site operator Reform Energy. We are doing everything we can to minimise the impact on the local community.

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