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Online forms: Landlord Portal Registration

Landlord portal

We have introduced the Landlord portal which allows you to access information about your tenant’s Housing Benefit claim, if the payments are made directly to you.

To access the Landlord portal you will need to complete an online declaration.

Following your registration we will email you with all the details you need to start using the Landlord portal.

Once your account has been set up, you will be able to:

  • check payments - giving you a breakdown of payments received for each of your tenants that you receive housing benefit directly - you can also download this to excel
  • view individual cases (where payment is made to you) - such as the amount of entitlement, the amount and date of the next payment due, and the amount of any overpayment clawback
  • report a change in your tenant’s circumstance - this can be done via the Landlord portal and will help us to reduce overpayments made to your tenant

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