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Rossall Point

About the build

Rossall Point Observation Tower is designed to be a beacon along the Wyre Coastal trail, linking Cleveleys with Fleetwood. 

It provides a welcoming viewing and educational facility highlighting the unique biodiversity of Wyre's coastal environment, offering a place for community engagement, and a base for National Coastwatch. 

Responding to the site conditions has not only driven the building form, but has influenced the materiality and the textures within the building. 

Constantly aware of the ecological diversity around the site area it became apparent that the design must be respectful of the existing building lines to minimise any disruption to the surrounding site.

The first axis responded to was the line of the existing timber groynes, one of which is directly adjacent to the site.

Delineating the north line allows the visitor to realise their place on the peninsular, also acting as a sundial tracing the passing of the weather conditions throughout the day and the seasons tracking different shadows on each visit.

The optimal coastal viewing line or the sea front line was also an important axis, as this is the line along which the bird watchers and the coast watch team will spend most of their time physically orientated.

Overlaying all of the lines and axes described within the site perimeter boundary, an enclosure starts to emerge which can be seen in the final design. 

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About the building 2

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