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Water sport facilities

Boat launching facilities are provided at both Wyre Estuary Country Park and Knott End into the Wyre Estuary. Wyre Estuary Country Park has a free public slipway, but there is a charge to launch boats at Knott End. Private facilities can also be found at Skippool and Wardleys

Please take care in the car parks, on the river and give consideration to other users of the estuary. 

Further information can be obtained from the notice board at Wyre Estuary Country Park’s slipway.

Please note: the following information is given as a set of guidelines for the benefit of yourself and others.

Wyre Estuary code of conduct for water sports

  • The Wyre Estuary is a part of Morecambe Bay which is internationally important for wildlife
  • Mudflats, sandflats and salt marshes provide roosting sites and feeding grounds for wildfowl and wading birds
  • The ungrazed salt marshes are rich in flowers, which are important to the North West coast
  • The mouth of the estuary is a working port and covered by byelaws
  • Please respect other users and wildlife
  • The safety of all users is of paramount importance
  • Ensure you check the current weather forecast and tide times

For your own safety

  • Please observe the byelaws for Fleetwood harbour
  • Please do not use the main navigational channel as marked by the green and red marker buoys in the Fleetwood harbour byelaw area (so as not to impede the shipping channel)
  • A Wyre Council and Fylde Council bylaw covers the whole of the Wyre Estuary
  • Please navigate with due care and attention and with reasonable consideration of other users of the river
  • Ensure that you comply with the national safety code (copies available from the Wyreside cafe)
  • Proceed at a safe speed having regard to tidal conditions and other users
  • Always give way to and pass on the right (starboard)
  • Life jacket or buoyancy aids should be worn at all times
  • Please stay in your craft and keep off the soft mud
  • Keep clear of boat moorings and sailing vessels avoiding undue wash
  • Obey all instructions from the coastguard and harbour master

When launching

  • Park in the marked bays only
  • Do not obstruct the slipway at any time
  • Always have consideration for others
  • Please keep to 6mph between the marker posts at Stanah
  • Please do not walk onto the mud

Help protect the wildlife 

  • Avoid areas of salt marsh, sandflats, mudflats used by roosting birds especially those on the marked map
  • Please avoid these areas at low water because it causes maximum disturbance to wildlife
  • Reckless disturbance of wildlife is an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981 (as amended by the CROW Act 2000)


Please note that at high tide the paths along the river bank may be flooded and it may be dangerous to venture onto the Saltmarsh or Mudflats. 

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