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Resident parking permits

Wyre Council provides a parking permit scheme which allows residents to park for up to two hours free of charge once per day in designated pay and display car parks.


  • New permits - £25
  • Renewals - £10

Please note: all existing permits are valid until you change your vehicle registration number.


The designated car parks for the residents parking permit are as follows:

If parking on any other pay and display car parks a valid pay and display ticket must be purchased and displayed on the vehicle.

How it works

The permit consists of an adjustable clock face which is used to show the time of arrival on the car park, and includes the registration mark of the vehicle. The permit can only be used in the vehicle displaying the same registration mark as on the permit.

The permit must be displayed in the car so that the clock face and registration mark are clearly visible from outside.

When parking on one of the designated car parks, the driver should set the clock to show the correct time of arrival. The permit will then be valid for up a maximum of two hours from the time of arrival. Please note the clock must show the time of arrival. The permit can only be used once per day; you cannot move from car park to car park.

If you want to stay longer you must purchase a car park ticket and display the ticket in the vehicle. You cannot purchase a ticket on arrival and then use the clock as well, as the permit is only valid for a maximum of two hours from the time of arrival. Displaying the clock and a parking ticket will mean that only the parking ticket is considered when checking the length of stay of the vehicle.

Failure to use the permit correctly may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

Terms and conditions

The permit is available to all permanent residents of Wyre. Ownership of the permit remains with the person registered with Wyre Council and is non-transferable. 

Vehicles must be parked according to the rules and regulations of the car park. By issuing a parking permit the council does not guarantee availability of a parking space. Drivers should be aware that during busy periods, demand for spaces might exceed availability.

If your permit is damaged or no longer legible please return it to Wyre Council and purchase a new one.

Read the terms and conditions to find out more. 

How to apply

To apply for a resident parking permit you can download an application form and return this to the Civic Centre (contact details below). Alternatively, you can apply in person to the Civic Centre or telephone (01253) 891000. Proof of council tax is required for all applications.

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