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Dementia Friendly Wyre

Did you know that 850,000 people live with dementia in the UK? And if we don’t take action this number is predicted to rise to over two million by 2051?

Wyre Council has embraced the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends campaign, the biggest ever initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia. It aims to transform the way the nation thinks, talks and acts about the condition.

Dementia Friends is about learning more about dementia and the small things that could make a difference to people living in your community. This could be something as simple as helping someone find the right bus, or being patient in a till queue if someone with dementia is taking longer to pay.

Five things you need to know about dementia:

  • Dementia is not a natural part of the ageing process.
  • Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain.
  • It is not just about losing your memory.
  • It's possible to live well with it.
  • There is more to the person than the dementia.

A number of council officers, elected members and local businesses have become Dementia Friends so far. Our hope for the future is that the borough will become a dementia friendly community.

We have a number of Dementia Friends Champions who can deliver Dementia Friends awareness sessions to businesses and organisations in Wyre with 10 or more staff. If you want to take it a step further you can join the Fylde and Wyre Dementia Action Alliance and develop a three point action plan of your own.

Individuals can also sign up to become a Dementia Friend online. It just involves watching a short video and then pledging to be more understanding.

There are over one million Dementia Friends across England and Wales, who are going out into their communities with a greater understanding of dementia and some of the ways they can help people living with the condition.

Additional information

Dementia Friends - Become a Dementia Friend 

Fylde and Wyre Dementia Action Alliance - Find out what you can do to help thoses with dementia


To arrange a Dementia Friends awareness session, email or call 01253 891000.

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