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How our hubs are helping

We've spoken to some of our staff who are working in the hubs to get an understanding of just how much the work they are doing means to our communities:

Debra’s story

“My usual role is Digital and Web Officer at Wyre Council. For the past three weeks I have been re-assigned to the Wyre community hubs. I receive referrals from our contact centre from vulnerable residents and their families and call them to carry out welfare checks and offer help.

One young dad I called was self isolating due to his medical condition with 2 very young children to care for. Steven was doing his best to source local deliveries but money was scarce. We discussed what he needed to ensure he could feed himself and the children properly, and we got a food parcel out to him that day, including nappies. The parcels are being delivered weekly, and he is relieved to know his family is safe whilst staying at home.

Mary was doing ok in terms of food and medication, and spoke to family regularly. However she was living in a very isolated community and due to ill health couldn’t take her beloved dog out for walks. We managed to arrange for a local volunteer who walked their own dogs to help out and it really helped with Mary’s peace of mind. I had a lovely chat with her - she told me lots of stories about her adventures as a young woman, her family and places she had visited, she is such a character!

Everyone I call is different, with varying needs, both practical and emotional. But they are all pleased to hear from us and feel that their community cares for them. I am truly amazed by my colleagues at Wyre Council who have stepped up to make our residents welfare their number one priority, and by all the many volunteers who have come forward to collect groceries and prescriptions, or call to offer a friendly chat and support at a time when many older, sick and vulnerable people are struggling to cope.”

Rebecca's story

“My name is Rebecca and I work in the communications and marketing team for Wyre Council.  My job usually entails promoting our amazing theatres, markets and wedding venues so it’s a very much positive job all round! This past month I have been working as part of one of Wyre’s community hubs. The whole team is working tirelessly to help vulnerable people in need and I’m proud to be a part of the council’s response to Coronavirus. I have been calling residents on a daily basis to arrange delivery of essential supplies and to put them in touch with other community groups who can help them out. For me this has been a completely new experience and I have enjoyed speaking to all the different people along the way, knowing I am making a difference.

One gentleman I have spoken to suffers from health issues which means he is vulnerable to the virus. Since we first spoke I have been calling him on a weekly basis to check up on how he is doing and to arrange the supplies he needs. He is very grateful for our friendly chats and the help that has been given. Numbers are not his strong point so I have taken time to make sure he has all the correct information he needs by texting telephone numbers of local support to him, along with arranging a weekly food parcel for him. He is very grateful for our friendly phone calls and looks forward to hearing from me.

It’s been very rewarding to be able to give back to my community, knowing that I get to do my bit every day in helping with this pandemic.”

Thank you Debra, Rebecca and everyone working at our hubs!

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