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Royal Mail, post codes and address lookups on websites

An official address allocated by the local authority does not include allocation of the post code. The post code is allocated by Royal Mail and the official address will replicate any post code changes implemented by Royal Mail. We will provide addresses with either new post codes allocated by Royal Mail or existing post codes for properties on streets with exiting ones.

All new build properties are placed into Royal Mail's NYB (Not Yet Built) database. Residents and developers are required to contact Royal Mail once properties are complete to have them moved over to their PAF (Post Code Address File) database. This is where most third party service providers verify their addresses. Royal Mail sell this data and it is used for many websites that have embedded address lookups. It will take time following new addresses being seen on their live website to them being packaged in an update by Royal Mail and sold. You may also find that new addresses are on some websites and not others, this is due to the variation in how often the PAF updates are purchased.




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