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New streets and developments

To apply for new street names please complete the Register a New Address form and we will contact you to confirm locations. Developers are encouraged to suggest street names in accordance with these guidance notes, but there are a number of things to bear in mind when doing this;

  • No street name should start with ‘The’ 
  • Street names cannot be duplicated within the area 
  • Subsidiary names cannot be created, for example Kings Mews coming off King Street, as this could potentially cause confusion 
  • Similar sounding names should be avoided, i.e. Churchill Road & Birch Hill Road 
  • Street names should not be difficult to pronounce or awkward to spell 
  • Names of living persons are not allowed 
  • Names of deceased persons where there are living relatives, i.e. family names, should only be used if the permission of the family has been obtained 
  • Where suggestions to commemorate past dignitaries or characters from within the Borough, only the surname will be used as part of the street name 
  • Street names that could be construed as advertising will not be allowed 
  • Street names that could be considered offensive, i.e. racist , obscene or would contravene any aspect of the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy will not be acceptable; nor are names that could encourage defacing of nameplates 
  • Names should preferably have less than 3 syllables 


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