Important updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Wyre’s Civic Centre reception in Poulton is closed to visitors. You can still contact us on 01253 891000 or email:

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Our beaches

**Updated information regarding our beaches**

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we are temporarily suspending our enforcement of the dog exclusion zone on our bathing beaches. Please note, this is a temporary suspension and will be subject to ongoing review.

Be a responsible dog owner:

  • Keep your dogs on a lead
  • Pick up after your dog, there really is no excuse – it’s important to keep our beaches beautiful and our bathing waters clean for the future
  • Stay 2 metres away from people you do not live with at all times
  • Avoid busy areas

Also, there will be no beach patrol service during this time. Please do not enter the water. If you choose to do so, this will be at your own risk.  This temporary suspension is subject to ongoing review. Further updates will be posted here.

Spending time outdoors safely: 

The government has issued new guidance for people using outdoor spaces

Being able to get outside more is great for our wellbeing but your safety is our priority. Please use open spaces responsibly.

You can now spend more time outdoors to:

- Rest or have a picnic
- Exercise as much as you like and play outdoor sports as long as this is on your own, with people you live with or just you and one other person
- If you are alone you can meet up with one other person, but you must stay 2 meters apart

You must:

- Stay 2 meters away from anyone you don’t live with
- Avoid busy areas. If you arrive and it’s too busy please choose another place to visit
- Keep your dogs on a lead so that you can safely stay away from other people
- If you are out in the countryside, stick to paths and close gates behind you
- Take your litter home
- Always pick up after your dog
- Wash your hands as soon as you get home

We understand that you are keen to visit your favourite places, but please think twice before visiting popular spots, if they become too busy social distancing becomes extremely difficult and puts everyone in danger. Think green and stay local before driving to a beauty spot in Wyre or elsewhere.

Coronavirus has not gone away. Your actions matter. Please continue to follow government guidance to keep yourself, your loved ones and others safe.

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