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Pruning and Felling

Local authorities frequently receive requests for tree pruning that cannot reasonably be met because they are either damaging to the tree or because they offer no cure to what is often a perceived or temporary problem. Wyre Council, in common with most other local authorities, therefore cannot guarantee that it will prune or remove trees for the following oft-cited reasons:

  • Shading
  • Leaf litter/ seeds/blossom/pollen/needles etc
  • Insect/aphid secretions/bees/ wasps
  • Television reception
  • Overhang unless there is immediate potential for damage to property
  • Solar access
  • Unproven root damage
  • Bird droppings
  • Alleged anti-social behaviour
  • Overhead lines (contact the service provider, who have an obligation to prune for line clearance)

While the council will not issue a blanket refusal to prune for these reasons, our position is that such requests will be resisted and enjoy low priority when balanced against our more urgent work.

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