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Our Management Approach

Council-owned trees - our management approach

In general trees do not need regular programmed management, and in fact too much pruning can shorten the life of a tree by imposing stress upon it, and may even result in the tree becoming unsafe. This is especially true of 'topping' - removing the entire canopy of a tree. While some species are associated with this primitive form of canopy management - willows, limes and poplars particularly - it is nonetheless destructive and results in canopy re-growth that becomes unsafe when the branches reach a critical mass.

Wherever possible the council aims to manage its trees on a minimum intervention basis, pruning only when necessary and allowing where possible full height and canopy development. This accords with modern urban forestry practices and addresses both a

recognised trend towards encouraging larger trees in towns in response to so many large tree losses, and also to an anticipated need for larger trees to mitigate for a changing climate, where their value as shade trees and in slowing runoff is expected to increase.

This is the forefront of a move towards an asset-management approach to Wyre's urban forest.

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