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Taxi passenger information

Public safety is at the heart of the licensing system and to this end Wyre has adopted standards and processes to ensure that the vehicles we licence are safe and suitable and that the drivers we licence are 'fit and proper'.

You can check that the vehicle or driver is licensed using the council's online register

Types of taxis

Wyre Council is responsible for licensing hackney carriages, private hire vehicles, their drivers and the operators that take the bookings for private hire vehicles.

Although private hire vehicles and hackney carriages are both commonly referred to as ‘taxis’ by the public, there are differences in the way that each can lawfully operate.

A hackney carriage:

  • Displays plates on the front and rear of the vehicle which have a yellow background
  • Is allowed to wait on authorised taxi ranks in Wyre 
  • Can be hailed by the public on any street within the borough of Wyre
  • Must be driven by a licensed Wyre driver at all times
  • Has an official taximeter fitted which is calibrated to Wyre Council's approved tariff
  • Has passed the necessary mechanical vehicle inspection

This is the only type of vehicle that can stop and pick you up, if you hail one in the street or from a rank.

List of taxi ranks in Poulton le Fylde, Thornton Cleveleys and Fleetwood

A private hire vehicle:

  • Must always be pre-booked through a licensed private hire operator
  • Displays plates on the front and rear of the vehicle which have a green background
  • Displays large oval Wyre Council signs on each front door indicating that journeys may only be advanced bookings taken by an operator
  • Must not stand on a rank
  • Must not pick up any passengers who try to hail them in the street
  • Must be driven by a licensed Wyre driver at all times
  • Has passed the necessary mechanical vehicle inspection
  • The Council is not responsible for setting fares for private hire vehicles, which are a matter for the hirer and operator to agree at the point of booking, although many private hire journeys are calculated on the meter.

Do not enter a private hire vehicle unless you have made a booking though an operator, as it will not be insured to carry you.

Wyre licensed drivers

Only those people that have satisfied the council that they are "fit and proper" will be granted driver licences.

In Wyre this means that they

  • Are at least 21 and have held a valid full driving licence, for at least two years
  • Have had and enhanced background check with Disclosure and Barring Service and any offending behaviour that this highlighted, has been properly considered in line with the council's policy  
  • Have been tested on the relevant law relating to taxi legislation, the highway code and the safeguarding of passengers
  • Have passed a local knowledge test, to demonstrate that they have a good knowledge of the area where they are based
  • Are medically fit to group two standard

All licensed drivers must wear an identification badge, issued by the council, which includes their name and a photograph and their licence number.


The council is only responsible for setting hackney carriage fares, but private hire vehicles across Wyre generally charge the same.

A tariff card giving details of the charges will be displayed inside the vehicle and a sealed taximeter will automatically calculate the fare.

Passengers should refer to the tariff card to check if the correct fare is being charged.

It is an offence for a taxi driver to charge more than the metered fare, but they may, if they wish, charge a lower fare.

If you believe that a taxi driver has overcharged you, or unreasonably prolonged your journey time or distance (other than for legitimate reasons such as to avoid congestion or roadworks), please contact the council’s licensing team

We treat any such allegations seriously and will investigate any complaints we receive.

Operators of private hire vehicles

All journeys undertaken in a Wyre private hire vehicle must be pre-booked through an operator licensed by this council. These licences are only issued to operators who are fit and proper and who will provide a safe and courteous service to their clients.

Licensed operators must ensure that all the drivers and vehicles they despatch comply with the relevant licence conditions. 

Assistance dogs

Licensed drivers are required to carry assistance dogs that are accompanying a disabled person (unless the driver has a medical exemption) and they may not make any additional charges to do this.

How to stay safe

  • Only use a licensed taxis or pre-booked licensed private hire vehicles
  • Never get into a vehicle, other than the one you have booked, unless you have hailed a licenced hackney carriage in the street or on a rank
  • Always check the driver’s badge to confirm that the driver is licensed
  • Ride with friends - sharing a vehicle is a great idea
  • Enter only when sure - if you have any doubts, don’t get in and order another vehicle,
  • Pre-book your taxi where possible, especially when travelling alone,
  • Ask the pub, club or restaurant you are in, if they can book a taxi and ask if you can wait inside the premises until it arrives

You should always plan to get home safely and take a taxi you can trust.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles

Please check our list of Wyre licensed wheelchair accessible vehicles which are available for contract, hire or reward.

When booking an accessible vehicle it is important to tell the operator your specific wheelchair or mobility requirements, so that they can ensure an appropriate vehicle is dispatched to you.


If you have cause to complain about a Wyre driver, vehicle or operator we will need to know either the driver's badge number or their name, or the vehicle's licence number or registration plate and any livery on the vehicle, along with the date, time and place of the incident. Please email all the details you can provide to the licensing unit

If your complaint involves overcharging, it would be helpful if you could provide details of any fare shown on the meter along with details of the ammount you paid.

We are not able to investigate anonymous complaints but we will not disclose your personal details to the operator or driver, unless it is necessary to do so in order to investigate the matter effectively. 

Contact us

If you would like further information, or to register a complaint, please contact Wyre Council's licensing team:

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