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Request the Mayor's Attendance

If you are organising a local event or launch you may wish to request the Mayor's attendance. To do this simply complete and submit the online form below.

Information required in connection with functions attended by the Mayor and Mayoress. The following information may be of assistance to the organiser(s):

1. Precedence

Section 3(4) of the Local Government Act 1972 provides that, subject to Her Majesty's Prerogative, the Mayor shall have precedence in all places in the Borough.

Accordingly, unless in the Chair, the Mayor should be seated on the immediate right of the Chairman (assuming the Lord Lieutenant is not present) and the Mayoress on the immediate left. In cases where the Mayoress attends ladies' functions unaccompanied, her seat should be in the position indicated for the Mayor.

2. Arrival

A responsible person should meet the Mayor and Mayoress at the entrance on arrival and should introduce them to the host or the assembled company. They should then be escorted to their correct position.

3. Form of Address

Initially the Mayor should be addressed as 'The Worshipful the Mayor, Councillor ..........' and thereafter as 'Mr Mayor', 'Madam Mayor', 'Madam Mayoress' or 'Consort' as the case may be. When the Mayoress/Consort is also present the form of address in the first instance is 'The Worshipful the Mayor and the Mayoress of Wyre, Councillor ........... and ..........'.

The mode of address for printing is 'The Worshipful the Mayor of Wyre, Councillor ...........'.

4. Speeches

It is essential that the Mayor's Office should be informed at least ten days prior to a function if the Mayor or Mayoress is required to speak. It is not usual for the Mayor and Mayoress to speak at the same function. Adequate details of the subject, and any other relevant information, should be provided please.

If the function is a dinner, supper or public meeting, a copy of the order of procedure should, if possible, be returned with the attached form.

The form should be completed and returned to the Mayor's Office NOT LESS THAN TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE FUNCTION, in order that arrangements can be made for his attendance.

If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact Andrea Mullin on 01253 887257.

Fair Processing Notice

Mayoral Events and the taking of photographs.

In line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and its requirement that data controllers act fairly when personal data is collected, we need to make attendees aware that any photographs taken at Mayoral events will be used only for publishing as a news item(s) and for no other purpose. If you have any concerns about your photo being used in this way then make them known to the organisers or to the photographer.

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