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Hosting an event in Wyre

Apply for the use of council owned land

If you are looking to apply for a use of land license in Wyre please complete this form:

You must submit your application at least 12 weeks prior to the date of the event.

Please be advised that each issued use of land licence will cost £50.

Exemptions and the wavering of this fee will be made if the event is viewed to have a direct benefit to council services or assets. For example, an event organised by a Friends of the Park group or a hirer of Wyre Theatres promoting shows in council owned outdoor spaces. This decision will be made by the council only.

You must also include the following documents with your application. Failure to do so will delay the issue of a licence:

  • A site plan outlining where you plan to host your event, including the location of stalls, rides and concessions clearly marked.
  • A copy of your public liability insurance covering the date of your event, with a minimum indemnity limit of £5 million.
  • A risk assessment where appropriate, guidance can be found at the health and safety executive website.
  • For help in organising an event, the 'Can do' voluntary event guide by the government can assist you.  

It is important the submitted application includes all elements of the event. If you want to include additional elements after the licence has been issued, we will require a minimum of six weeks notice and will cost a further £50 to reissue a licence. 

Planning your event

When planning your event you may want to consider the following: 

Important information

  • If you are applying to use a council owned venue, please check that there are no other events already planned at the same time. You can do this by contacting the arts and events team.
  • If you are expecting visitors to be driving to your event please familiarise yourself with the councils off-street parking regulations.

As the event organiser you are responsible for obtaining all necessary licences or permits from the council prior to your event.

If you want to carry out a ‘licensable activity’ on unlicensed premises you will need to apply for a Temporary Event notice (TEN). Licensable activities includes:

  • Selling alcohol.
  • Serving alcohol to members of a private club.
  • Providing entertainment, such as music, dancing or indoor sporting events.
  • Serving hot food or drink between 11pm and 5am.

Poulton market place

Poulton market place is the responsibility of Lancashire County Council as it is classed as a highway. Any applications for events in this area should be made using the use of land application form and will still require public liability insurance. Lancashire County Council will then review the application, see if a licence needs to be issued, and decide whether to approve the application. 

If you wish to hold an event in the market place it is important that you avoid market day on Monday and that you consult with St Chads church authorities to ensure there is no impact on wedding or funeral services.

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