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5 Year Housing Land Supply Position

November 2020

On 27 October 2020 the council received confirmation from the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) that it could no longer confirm its 5 year housing land supply by using an Annual Position Statement (APS). This assessment was undertaken on the basis of a 10% buffer and the Inspector’s Report (IR) is available here.

Therefore, in accordance with the National Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) and National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) §73, the council will now need to be able to demonstrate a 5 year housing land supply position (with a 5% buffer) when dealing with applications and appeals. The latest available evidence on housing delivery is that set out in the council’s APS submission to PINS, a copy of which is available here and supporting appendices are available upon request (due to file size) please contact

The council’s APS submission demonstrates a deliverable housing land supply position of 5.9 years, the detailed calculation is set out in the table below.

Five year housing supply calculation

Number of dwellings

A. Five year requirement (460 X 5)


B. Completions since 1 April 2011


C. Shortfall since 2011 [(460 X 9) – 2885]


D. 1255 ÷ 11 years remaining of plan period


E. Annual requirement (114.09) x 5 years


F. Five year requirement with shortfall (2300 + 570.45)


G. 5% buffer (2870.45 x 5%)


H. Five year requirement with shortfall + 5% buffer (2870.45 + 143.52)


I. Annual five year requirement (3013.97 ÷ 5 years)


J. Total supply deliverable in 5 years


K. Supply in years ( 3,555 ÷ 602.79)

5.9 years

 The council notes that in the IR individual sites have been considered against the definition of deliverable as set out in the NPPF and in doing so sets out a deliverable housing supply of 3,121 units. Even if the Inspector’s conclusions were accepted in full there would be a housing land supply position of a minimum 5.2 years (with a 5% buffer).

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