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Background Papers

The emerging Local Plan is also supported by a number of Technical Assessments.

The evidence

Local planning authorities need to prepare and maintain a true and accurate up-to-date evidence base on key aspects of the social, economic and environmental characteristics of their area, to enable the preparation of a sound spatial plan meeting the objectives of sustainable development, to be tested at examination. Simply put, the evidence base is critical to the production of the Local Plan.

Wyre's current evidence base consists of documents relating to housing, economy, highways and the environment, see sections above. This evidence base is constantly being added to and updated as the plan preparation progresses. Further evidence is also being undertaken and will be published with the publication draft Local Plan (see timetable).

To assist with the future planning of the borough, Wyre Council carried out two separate ‘Call for Sites’ exercises in 2012 and 2014. The sites form part of the evidence base the council is using to draw up its new Local Plan. 

The Preferred Options (produced in 2012) document also took a wide range of evidence into account during its drafting.

It should be noted that the Authorities Monitoring Report (formally known as the Annual Monitoring Report) also forms part of the evidence base.

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Any enquiries regarding the evidence base, please contact the planning policy team.

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