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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a new charge that local authorities have the power to levy on most types of new development to fund infrastructure required to support new growth such as transport, education, health and open space facilities. CIL charges are based on the size and types of development proposed and are calculated as a charge per square metre.

Evidence of infrastructure need and development viability are required when setting the charge and any CIL Charging Schedule (the main CIL documentation) would be subject to at least two stages of public consultation and examination by an independent inspector before CIL could be adopted in Wyre. Once set, CIL is mandatory for developers to pay although discretionary relief can be set in exceptional circumstances (although such circumstances are very limited).

The Council is currently undertaking investigatory work to establish if the implementation of CIL would be viable in Wyre. This page will be updated following the completion of the investigatory work.

Further information on CIL can be found on the following websites:

Planning Advisory Service website - The CIL Regulations

Department for Communities and Local Government website – Community Infrastructure Levy

Legislation website – The Localism Act 2011


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