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Green Infrastructure - advice for applicants

Wyre Council has written an advice note for applicants to guide them through the process of applying Local Plan Policy HP9 Green Infrastructure in New Residential Developments. 

The Guidance is in two parts. The first is a written statement setting out methodologies and principles in relation to:

  • The calculation of on-site green infrastructure;
  • The calculation of developer contributions for off-site green infrastructure;
  • The calculation of mixed on and off site provision;
  • General design principles: and.
  • Design principles for children’s play including inclusive play.

The second part of the Guidance is an Excel spreadsheet that allows applicants to calculate:

  • The amount of on-site green infrastructure required depending on total dwellings and dwelling mix (by number of bedrooms).
  • The developer financial contribution for off-site provision.

Please refer to the first page of the spreadsheet which explains it operation.  The spreadsheet contains fields into which the dwelling capacity of a site and the dwelling mix can be inputted, thus providing a means of testing the impact of different dwelling numbers/mix on the Total Green Infrastructure Requirement.

Queries on the use of the guidance should be directed to

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