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Applications for agricultural development - checklist for applicants

Applicants submitting an application for agricultural development are advised to ensure that comprehensive supporting information has been provided to enable the local planning authority (LPA), with input from independent agricultural advisors where appropriate, to make a formal assessment. Providing this information up front on submission will help enable a timely assessment to be made, reduce the amount of correspondence needed between applicants and the LPA, and help the LPA manage the cost of this advisory service (this cost is not currently passed onto the agent / applicant). 

To understand what information is needed, please refer to the checklist which applies to agricultural buildings, agricultural worker residential dwellings and applications for the removal of the agricultural occupancy condition on existing agricultural worker dwellings. 

For the avoidance of doubt Wyre will not use this checklist as part of the validation process, but when officers come to review these applications, failure to provide the necessary information on the list is likely to lead to a delay in determining the application, or in some instances, may result in an unfavourable determination. Where possible therefore please ensure the relevant information is made available up front.

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