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Councillor development plans and development needs analysis

About Councillor Development Plans (CDPs)

Wyre's councillors are asked to complete a CDP and Development Needs Analysis (DNA) questionnaire each year to identify any skills that they would like to develop further and any knowledge that they need or wish to improve.

The information from each councillor's completed CDP and DNA questionnaires is then used to establish the priority needs that are identified by the largest numbers of councillors and forms the basis of Wyre's annual Councillor Development Programmes.

Each councillor's CDP also highlights individual development needs so that these can be attended to, provided that it is possible to do so within the limited annual budget that is available. Since 2009/10, the total annual budget available for Councillor Development for all our councillors has been £6000.  This amounts to only £120 per year per councillor.

What is a Councillor Development Plan?

The CDP allows councillors to set out any targets and any specific actions for personal development over the coming year. It helps plan their development both in line with council priorities and based on their individual responsibilities and aspirations as a councillor.

Why complete a Councillor Development Plan?

Completing a CDP together with a DNA questionnaire will help  identify existing strengths and reveal areas that can be improved.

As well as the main role of a councillor to represent local residents, councillors also have a range of other responsibilities and roles to play. The CDP identifies how councillors can develop themselves to help to fulfil all of these different roles more effectively.

Completing a CDP shows the councillors commitment, and the council’s, to developing the capacity of our elected Members.

Regular CDP reviews for all councillors also help us to maintain the standards of the Charter for Elected Member Development so all Members are asked to review their CDP at least once a year. CDP reviews identify development needs that have now been satisfied or are no longer relevant and any new requirements that have arisen since the last CDP was completed.

What is the Wyre Councillor Skills Framework and why is it important to the CDP?

The IDeA introduced their Councillor Skills Framework in 2004. Over 350 officers and councillors were interviewed to identify the different skills that councillors need in different roles. These included community leadership, regulating and monitoring, scrutiny, communication skills, etc.

We adapted the IDeA Skills Framework in combination with best practice from other authorities, to produce a skills framework that suits Wyre. This consists of a set of role descriptions and person specification for all the main roles of a Wyre councillor. Using the Wyre Councillor Skills Framework when they complete their CDP helps Councillors to identify the areas where they would like further development.

Equality of opportunity

Wyre Council is committed to equality of opportunity and making sure that access to learning and development is available for all councillors irrespective of age, gender, sexuality, marital status, disability, race, religion, ethnic background, political affiliation or position within the council.

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