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Wheelie bin, keep it in

Look after your wheelie bins

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

'Wheelie bin, keep it in' is a joint initiative by Wyre Council and Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service to stamp out wheelie bin fires and thefts that have occured in isolated areas of Wyre.

It costs your community £250 to put out a bin fire and £50 to replace each bin. However following some simple advice can prevent it happening in the first place: 

  • Don't put your bin out the night before your collection day. Your bin can be stolen or set on fire and you may be fined
  • Do take your bin in as soon as you can after collection
  • Do store your bin in a secure area and not in a back alley or you may be fined
  • Do put your house name or number on your bin
  • Do report fly tipping to the council
  • Do look after your bin, it could be costly if you don't

Putting bins out too early and leaving them in an insecure area after collection are offences under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, which can result in fines of £80 or even prosecution for persistent offenders.

Look after your bin and help prevent crime and anti social behaviour in your neighbourhood.

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