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Your new red lidded wheelie bin

Soon, a brand new wheelie bin will be delivered to your property to replace the green recycling box. We recognise that customers have expressed a dislike to the green boxes and in order for you to make changes to how you dispose of your waste, larger containers are needed.

If you have not received your new red lidded bin, please complete our online form.

Please place clean plastic pots, tubs, trays, plastic bottles, glass and jars, aluminium foil and trays and any other clear plastic packaging in your new recycling bin when it arrives in April. It is hoped that the new wheelie bin will make it easier for residents to recycle more with the additional capacity.

Crews will still come to your property to collect recycling every fortnight and will now simply alternate each fortnight between each coloured bin. Please ensure your bins are out by 7am.

There are no current plans to change your grey waste collections to three or four weekly.

What can I put in my bins?

What happens next?

  1. A red lidded bin will be left outside the front of your house (or just inside your boundary if space) during March – please move the bin and store it with your other bins. For end of lane collections bins will be left at your presentation point.

  2. Only start presenting for collection when shown on your calendar – this will be early April onwards. Until this date we will not be able to empty the new bins. Do not present both bins at the same time.

  3. Put your bin out on your collection day by 07.00 am at the same place you would have normally presented your grey or blue bin. The times of collection are likely to change as routes and collection crews have altered.

  4. If you present the wrong bin or do not have it out for 07.00, we will not return.

  5. Remember to check the calendar section to see if your collection day has changed and to get used to the new schedule.

  6. Give the bin a try and if after a few collections you need extra room and are recycling correctly, you can request an additional capacity bin. Please remember to wash and squash any recyclable materials before putting them in the bin to create extra room.

  7. Houses of multiple occupancy, flats and caravan sites will be given shared bins – many have already received them.

  8. If you have not received your bin by the second week of April please contact us.

  9. If you are on the assisted collection service, on delivery the bin will be put with your others (if access permits) and the crews will continue to collect. Please check if your collection day has changed and ensure access from 07.00 am

  10. Make use of the old recycling boxes – grow potatoes, store your garden tools or create a toy box

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