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Local Authority Discretionary Business Grant Scheme Criteria

In recognition that some businesses did not benefit from the Small Business Grant Fund and the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Grant Fund, the Government has made available funds totalling £1,596,500 to Wyre Council to provide a Discretionary Business Grant scheme. This fund is limited and as such in order to help determine our discretionary scheme we are initially seeking applications based on government’s broad eligibility criteria which we will then use to develop and tailor a local scheme that best meets the needs of businesses in Wyre. Further Guidance is available on the .gov website,

The period for submitting an application is between Monday 13th July and noon on Monday 27th July. All applications submitted by the deadline will be assessed with eligible applicants awarded a grant based on agreed criteria. Please read the councils discretionary business grant policy for detailed information. If funds are available for a further round of applications, details will be announced across our normal media channels including the council’s website.

The Local Authority Discretionary Grant Scheme is primarily aimed at micro and small businesses who were not eligible for other support schemes including the Small Business Grant Fund or the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Grant Fund. Before you apply for this grant please check that you are not eligible for any of these other support schemes first and more details are given below.

Who is Eligible?

Only businesses which were trading and in occupation of premises on 11 March 2020 are eligible to apply for funding under this scheme, including:

  • Small businesses in shared offices or other flexible workspaces e.g. industrial parks, science parks, incubators etc., which do not have their own business rates assessment;
  • Short term holiday lets / B&B’s that pay domestic council tax instead of business rates;
  • Locally based charity properties receiving charitable business rate relief that would otherwise be eligible for Small Business Rates Relief or Rural Rate Relief;
  • Regular Wyre market traders, who do not have their own business rates assessment with fixed building costs;
  • Businesses who have applied for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme or the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme are eligible to apply for this scheme.
  • Businesses in the Retail, Hospitality & Leisure Sectors (with fewer than 50 employees) who have a business rate assessment with a rateable value between £51,000 and £80,000

Your business must, as a minimum, meet all the following criteria in order to be eligible to apply for funding from this scheme;

  • The business must have relatively high ongoing fixed property-related costs
  • The business must be able to demonstrate a significant fall in income due to the Covid-19 crisis
  • The business must have fewer than 50 employees
  • The business must have been trading on the 11th March 2020.

Who is NOT Eligible?

Businesses that have received financial assistance from other schemes under the COVID-19 support measures are NOT eligible to receive a grant from this Discretionary Fund - please do not apply if you are eligible for one of the existing business support measures including but not limited to:

  • Small Business Grant Fund
  • Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant
  • The Fisheries Response Fund
  • Domestic Seafood Supply Scheme
  • The Dairy Hardship Fund
  • Businesses who have already received a grant under the Local Authority Discretionary Grant fund are not eligible for further support

Airbnb premises and home workers are not eligible to apply under the discretionary scheme.

Companies that are in administration, are insolvent or where a striking-off notice has been made are not eligible for funding under this scheme.

Hereditaments occupied for personal use are also not eligible. Examples of where there may be personal use include: private stables and loose boxes, beach huts and moorings. Additionally, car parks and parking spaces are also ineligible.

Please note any canvassing of officers or members would result in an application being refused.


Grants awarded by Wyre Council from this fund will be dependent on demand but will not exceed £25,000. In making decisions on the appropriate level of grant, we will take into account overall demand, the level of fixed costs faced by the business, the number of employees, whether the business had to close completely and was unable to trade online and the consequent scale of the financial impact as a result of COVID-19 measures. It is expected that the vast majority of grants will be for £10,000 or less.

Applicants should note that grant income received by a business is taxable therefore funding paid under the Local Authority Discretionary Grants Scheme will be subject to tax. Only businesses which make an overall profit once grant income is included will be subject to tax.

If you already get State Aid

The Discretionary Grants Fund counts towards state aid.

Payments of £10,000 or less count towards the total de minimis state aid you’re allowed to get over a 3 year period - €200,000. If you have reached that threshold, you may still be eligible for funding under the COVID-19 Temporary Framework.

Payments of £25,000 count as state aid under the COVID-19 Temporary Framework. The limit for the framework is €800,000.

The application process includes a declaration confirming that:

  • you will not exceed the relevant state aid threshold
  • you were not an ‘undertaking in difficulty’ on 31 December 2019. This applies only to the COVID-19 Temporary Framework

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