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The Local Plan is a written document, with explanatory maps. It sets out the Council's strategy for the use of land (and buildings or structures on it) within Wyre for the period 1991-2006.

The Council's Local Plan forms one part of Wyre's Development Plan. The plan was adopted and became operative on 5th July 1999.

The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 provided for the saving of existing Adopted Local Plan policies until 28th September 2007. Wyre Borough Council successfully applied to the Secretary of State for permission to re-save a suite of policies beyond the original three year period from the introduction of the Act.

The Written Statement of the Local Plan below should therefore be read in conjunction with the current list of resaved policies.

Aim of the Local Plan

The aim of the Local Plan is to encourage and guide investment and development in the Borough;

  • in a manner which is consistent with the changing social and economic needs and aspirations of the growing community of Wyre;
  • in locations which reflect the concept of sustainable development;
  • in a form which respects the careful qualitative balance between development and the particular characteristics of the local environment.

The Plan sets down both specific policies for the use of land and also policy statements that establish principles for development, and are guided by either quantifiable standards or qualitative criteria.

Elements of the Adopted Local Plan 1991-2006 can viewed across the pages of this section (see below) or alternatively via the Planning Portal.

  • The Written Statement sets out all of the policies and proposals including all the land allocations. For ease of reference the written statement has been set out under separate policy headings in chapters covering the main areas of land use activity and other key planning issues.
  • The Rural Proposals Map shows the boundaries of the proposals and allocations on the map base.
  • For detailed policies related to the urban areas of Fleetwood and Thornton Cleveleys and the market town of Poulton-le-Fylde, please see the Urban Area Map.
  • Inset Maps.
  • Guidance Notes.