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Business plan



OUR VISION: Wyre is a healthy and happy place where people want to live, work, invest and visit.


Working collaboratively

One team, one council

Work smart




We will

  • Collaborate with residents and local stakeholders to support and maximise opportunities for improving health and wellbeing across our communities

  • Transform the way customers access our services through making better use of technology

  • Explore opportunities for communities and partners to deliver initiatives that build resilience and sustainability

  • Work with partners to support and raise the aspirations of young people

How will we do this?

  • Deliver a programme of work to promote healthy choices and healthier lifestyles to keep people well

  • Maximise funding opportunities and deliver initiatives to support older people and people with disabilities to maintain independence

  • Work with partners to improve the aspirations and resilience of our young people through programmes such as positive footprints

  • Develop a programme of work that improves the sustainability and resilience of our communities

  • Launch the next phase of the digital Wyre strategy ensuring customers have easy access to our services and that we embrace the opportunities new technologies bring

How will we measure progress?

  • % of e-contacts as a % of total contacts

  • Number of people helped to remain independent at home

  • % of physically active adults

  • Number of hours of career led learning delivered in Wyre through the positive footprints programme

  • Number of leisure centre visits

  • Number of volunteer hours

  • % of resident population who consider themselves to be in good health



We will

  • Work with the Fylde coast economic prosperity board to support economic growth and attract investment to Wyre

  • Collaborate with our partners to facilitate vibrant town centres

  • Support businesses to grow and prosper

  • Work with transport authorities to improve the infrastructure and connectivity across the Fylde coast

  • Maximise commercial opportunities and deliver efficiencies

How will we do this?

  • Deliver the implementation plan for Hillhouse Technology Enterprise Zone

  • Collaborate with partners to develop strategic economic plans such as the Greater Lancashire plan

  • Work with our partners to increase access for residents and businesses to high speed internet and Wi-Fi wherever possible

  • Develop the Fleetwood Masterplan and facilitate external funding opportunities to support the future options to transform Fleetwood over the next 20 years

  • Explore the feasibility of a Fylde coast tramway/rail loop

  • Explore investment and development opportunities for our town centres and key council assets

How will we measure progress?

  • Take up of employment land

  • Number of businesses supported

  • % growth in business rate base at the Enterprise Zone

  • Town centre vacancy rates

  • Out of work benefit claimant count

  • Visitor numbers to the borough

  • % of fledgling businesses surviving - 18 months



We will

  • Work with residents, parish and town councils and businesses to plan, protect and enhance the quality of our neighbourhoods

  • Utilise Wyre’s USP – the Great Outdoors – supporting residents and visitors to maximise the opportunities from coast to countryside

  • Collaborate with our partners to respond to a range of climate change issues, including our commitment to carbon footprint reduction and tackling flood risk across Wyre

How will we do this?

  • Review the Wyre local plan 2011-2031

  • Deliver the Wyre beach management scheme

  • Facilitate and support the improvement and use of parks and open spaces

  • Implement initiatives and promote activity to help achieve a cleaner, greener Wyre

  • Ensure the Wyre community lottery is well utilised to support good causes

  • Develop and deliver action plans to reduce the effect of climate change on our borough

  • Support our residents to reduce waste and increase reuse and recycling

How will we measure progress?

  • Number of people attending outdoor activities

  • Satisfaction with parks and open spaces

  • Satisfaction with keeping public land free from litter

  • Reduction in fly tipping reported

  • Money raised for good causes by the Wyre community lottery

  • Reduction in council carbon emissions

  • Number of public electric charging points

  • Number of trees planted

  • % of household waste recycled

Every three months performance reports are produced to show how we are progressing with the projects and measures. The reports are submitted for scrutiny and further actions as deemed necessary. Performance reports can be found as part of the Overview and Scruitiny Committee agenda packs 


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