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Daphne, Democratic Services Officer

Daphne looking at her calendar on her pc at her desk in Wyre council civic centre.

Daphne is one of Wyre Council's Democratic Services Officers. Being relatively new to the organisation, we wanted to know about her experience of working with us so far.

How long have you worked at Wyre Council?

I've been at Wyre now for over a year and a half.

What did you do before your role with us?

Before this, I was a substitute teacher with a local agency. Before that - well, prior to Covid - I was a student in London.

Sum up your job in one sentence

Unpredictable, challenging, exciting.

What is the best part of your job?

Honestly, my team is the best part of my job. I joined the Democratic Services team just as Covid restrictions were easing properly, so being with the team actually helped me to feel at home in Wyre. In the year and a half I lived in Wyre prior to joining the council, it was difficult to feel at home here and make friends. The Democratics team, and the wider Governance department, welcomed me in and made me feel like I was part of something. People who have moved across the country like I have can tell you how necessary that sort of community can be to your sense of self.

What would you say to anyone thinking of applying to work for us?

Wyre take care of you and value progression. I started as an assistant and now I'm being made a permanent Democratic Services Officer. Sometimes smaller is better as they provide lots of training and you can progress in your career. You couldn't ask for anything more.