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Equality and Diversity

Wyre Council values and celebrates the diversity of the communities living, working, visiting and learning in Wyre and recognises that this very diversity means that people come from different backgrounds, have different needs and problems and different life chances and experiences. The geographical make up of Wyre also means that there are different issues faced by those living in the urban and rural parts of the borough. Our approach to equality and diversity is to ensure that our customers come first and services are designed or adapted to meet the needs of different people and different communities.

Our vision for equality and diversity in Wyre is:

  • To recognise people’s different needs, situations and goals and give equality of outcome
  • To remove the barriers and inequalities that limit what people can do and improve life chances
  • To be a place where people can live in the ways they value and choose and where people from different communities get on well together 
  • To make the council an employer of choice

The key challenges facing Wyre, in terms of equality and diversity are:

  • Issues of inequality of opportunity and of outcomes as a result of poverty and deprivation, predominantly in urban areas (age, disability, pregnancy and maternity, sex)
  • A disproportionately larger, ageing population and resulting increases in health/ disability issues (age, disability, sex)
  • Issues of rural and social isolation, specifically on particular sections of the community, such as older people (age, disability, sex)

Additional information 

  • State of Wyre report - A report used by those making decisions in the council to provide an insight into the key issues for Wyre
  • Life in Wyre survey - A survey of how satisfied borough residents are in regards to the councils services 
  • Equality objectives  - The councils equality and diversity objectives that are an integral part of our decision-making process
  • Workforce Equality Information - A range of workforce data under its duties contained within the Equalities Act 2010.