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Gypsy and traveller sites

Camps on the side of the road, parks or other council-owned land

If gypsies or travellers are causing problems they will be moved on as soon as is possible and reasonable, we will consider each case on its merits. 

In all cases the site is visited and every effort made to make sure that the gypsies and travellers keep the site tidy and do not cause public health problems. This sometimes means that refuse collection facilities may be provided for this purpose.

We cannot remove gypsies or travellers from land immediately. Under our agreed multi-agency protocol as well as under our legal duty, we must:

  • show that they are on the land without consent
  • make enquiries regarding the general health, welfare and children's education
  • ensure that the Human Rights Acts 1998 has been fully complied with
  • follow a set procedure in terms of proving ownership of land and details of the unauthorised encampment that will enable us to successfully obtain the necessary authority from the courts to order the gypsies or travellers to leave the site