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What is the Community Risk Register?

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 places a legal duty on responders to undertake risk assessments and maintain them in a Community Risk Register, and publish all or part of this register.

Risks in this context are those that could result in a major emergency. This Community Risk Register is the first step in the emergency planning process; it ensures that the plans that are developed are proportionate to the risk.

The purpose of the Community Risk Register is:

  • To ensure that local responders have an accurate understanding of the risks that they face to provide a sound foundation for planning
  • To provide a rational basis for the prioritisation of objectives, work programmes and allocation of resources
  • To enable local responders to assess the adequacy of their plans and identify any gaps
  • To facilitate joined up planning, based on consistent planning assumptions
  • To provide an accessible overview of the emergency planning context for the public and officials
  • To inform and reflect on national and regional risk assessments that support emergency planning and capability development at those levels

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