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Guidance on use of council or private land

Wyre Safety Advisory Group (WYSAG)

This group is made up of:

Representatives from the council, including event management, engineering, health and safety, environmental health, tourism and marketing and communications. This membership will vary depending on the type of event being advised upon. 

  • The Police - for public order and safety, crime prevention and the protection of children and young people
  • The Ambulance Service - for emergency response
  • Lancashire Fire and Rescue - for emergency response, fire risk and crowd management
  • Lancashire County Council - for highways matters
  • Blackpool transport - for issues involving bus and tram routes
  • all three emergency services, Blackpool Transport and Lancashire County Council

Its role is: 

  • to advise event organisers on best practice and standards for health, safety and welfare
  • to promote a consistent and co-ordinated multi-agency approach to event management planning 
  • to advise event organisers on incident management, emergency arrangements and contingency planning
  • to advise on the law in relation to planning and delivery of events
  • to assess the impact of any local disruption relating to an event
  • to receive reports during the event planning process

If you are proposing a larger, or high risk event you will be invited to meet with this group to discuss your proposals, they are here to help you run a safe, successful event.