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Guidance on use of council or private land

Application process for outdoor events

For events to be held on private land you must obtain permission from the land owner.

For events on council land you will need to complete an application form:

Use of land application

For all events, on private or council land you must then:

  • prepare an event management plan
  • if a temporary road closure is required please visit our webpage
  • if you want to serve alcohol, hot food or drink or play amplified music you will need to apply for a licence
  • if you will be organising outside catering or food concessions you will need to contact our environmental health team with the full details of each business so a food standard check can be carried out
  • carry out a risk assessment If your event is in the high risk category, you will need to attend the Wyre Safety Advisory Group to present your event management plan

You are also advise to carry out a Covid 19 risk assessment if applicable.