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Guidance on use of council or private land

Planning: the what’s, where’s, when’s and who’s.

What is your event?

Decide carefully what your event will be all about. What is the aim of the event? Decide on its contents and activities. Identify any hazards or impracticalities. What infrastructure is needed? What will you require to ensure it is safe, secure and entertaining? What is the scale and size of your event?

Where will your event take place?

Decide whether it is best indoors or outdoors. Is it on private or public land? Either way, you will need to contact the landowner or the local authority. Conduct a site visit and make a list of things required, and potential risks. 

When will it take place?

Consider the event: its content, audience or visitors. Does it need to take place at a time or season that will maximise impact and visitors?

Who will be involved in the planning?

Consider who needs to be involved. For example; an event management team, the local authority, emergency services, contractors and concessions, entertainers....the list will depend on the type of event. These people and organisations  all play specific roles which must be described and understood.