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Walks by Area - Pilling and Lane Ends Circular Walk

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Area Pilling
Intro A circular walk starting and finishing at Lane Ends Picnic Area.
Terrain Easy walk across farmland, which can be muddy in places.
Distance Approximately 3.7 miles (5.5km). Allow 2 to 3 hours to complete the walk.
Route 1. Turn left out of the car park entrance and walk along the road. Continue straight ahead until you reach the 'T' junction with the main road. At the junction, turn right, past the Lancashire Coastal Way fingerpost and proceed along the road towards the buildings on your left hand side.
2. Adjacent to the buildings, turn left onto Horse Park Lane - continue along the land, bearing right past the duckpond and the Lancashire Coastal Way sign. Continue past Parkfield farm house on your left and follow the road until you locate the stile and footpath sign which is on your right, opposite a cul-de-sac.
3. Climb the stile and continue straight ahead following the hedge line. At the opposite corner of the field you will see a stile. Do not cross the stile. Turn right and follow the field boundary. Cross over the next stile and continue in the same direction through further fields until you reach a stile adjacent a small wooded area. Cross this stile and the next one.
4. Once over both stiles turn left and follow the fence to the corner of the field. Cross the stile directly in front of you, ignoring the stile of the left. Once over the stile, turn right. Follow the path along the edge of the small wood until you reach two footbridges - continue over both of them.
5. After crossing the second bridge turn left and follow the edge of the field until you reach a stile which leads you onto the road. Turn left after crossing the road. The footpath continues on the right had side of the road, down a track between some houses.
6. Proceed down the track until you reach another stile. Cross the stile and head towards the disused house. Follow the hedge round in front of the house and head towards the footbridge which can be seen on the left across the field. After the bridge, bear a little to the right over the field in the direction of the houses. Cross another footbridge and continue straight ahead, crossing the field to the gate.
7. Proceed through the gate and follow a short track past farm buildings until you reach the road in the centre of the village. Turn right at the toilets and walk through the village of Pilling, passing Pilling Pottery, the Olde Ship Inn and then eventually the church of St. John the Baptist.
8. Continue along towards the school, bearing right past the Golden Ball and the Post Office. Continue past 'Broadfleet Close' and cross the bridge over Broadfleet River. On your right, you will see a disused windmill. Once over the bridge, the main road (Taylor's Lane) bears to the right, the walk however continues straight ahead along the minor road for short distance.
9. At this point there is a choice of route depending on the time of year. Either follow the road all the way back to the car park, or (Excepting 15th January to Good Friday, when access to the embankment is prohibited), locate a stile on the left next to a field gate. Cross over the stile and follow the obvious track heading onto the embankment in front. Proceed through the gateway (or over the stile) and turn right. Continue along until you reach another stile, climb over it and return to the car park.
Route Map
Starting Point This walk starts from the main car park at Lane Ends Amenity Area, a picnic area situated ¾ mile North East of Pilling (just off the A588 to Cockerham).
Starting Point - Map