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Walks by Area - Garstang and Barnacre Circular Walk

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Area Garstang
Intro A circular walk starting and finishing near Garstang Discovery Centre.
Terrain Mainly easy with a little uphill walking. Some areas on farmland may be muddy.
Distance Approximately 3.2 miles (5.1km). Allow 2 to 3 hours to complete the walk.
Route 1. Follow the riverside path around the playing field until you reach the water pumping station and bridge. Climb the stone steps situated in the stone wall.
2. Turn right at the top of the steps and walk straight ahead. Leave the tarmac road and continue along the footpath until you reach a gate which follows the line of The Pilling Pig Railway. Cross this gate and the next one and continue onto the third gate which is located nearly underneath the power pylon. Ascend the railway embankment on the left hand side.
3. Follow the hedge line until you reach a gate at the end of a hedge on the left hand side. Here you can view the ruins of Greenhalgh Castle on the right. Note also, the conservation area known as Wildgoose Wood.
4. Use the gate and cross over the field. Head towards the far corner where the footpath crosses the rail and motorway bridge via a gate.
5. Cross both bridges and continue ahead. Just before you reach the first house on the right, turn left and proceed down the track. Go through the field gate and follow the hedge line until it bears to the left. As the hedge bears left, continue straight ahead, following the motorway fence, until you reach a stone ladder in the corner of the field. Climb over the stile and turn right to cross another stile at the opposite end of the fence.
6. Proceed across the field, keeping the hedge and stream on your right hand side, until you reach a gate. Climb the stile, turn right and continue along the road for 300 - 400 yards. Keep walking uphill until you see a red post box on your left hand side.
7. Immediately before the post box, the path leads you down some stone steps and onto a footbridge. Cross the bridge and continue to your left following the riverside shrubbery. As you reach a gate, go through and proceed uphill to the right, heading towards the wood (note the former quarry on the left, which is now a home for rabbits).
8. On reaching the wood, the path descends steeply alongside a fence until you reach a stile in the corner. Once over the stile turn right and follow the fence line until you reach a large Alder tree. On the left beneath the tree you can see the remains of Lady Hamilton's Well. A spa well reputed to have possessed medicinal properties and used to bathe in by members of the Hamilton family. Originally square in form with steps leading down, much of the stone work has now collapsed but the water still flows freely. Continue across until you reach the field fence stile. Having crossed the stile, turn left and proceed along the track until you reach the farm gate and Keepers Lane.
9. Turn right and proceed up Keepers Lane until you pass Crosby Cottage on the left. Locate a stile in the hedge on your left hand side. This is situated next to the first field gate.
10. Once over the stile, follow the hedge line towards the motorway footbridge. Climb the small ladder stile in front of you and proceed across the bridge. Once over the bridge, climb a similar stile and bear slightly right as you cross the field. A ladder stile provides you with access to the railway line. This is a main line bridge.
11. On the other side of the line you will reach a ladder stile. Climb over it. Once in the field, follow the hedgeline and continue ahead until you reach a footbridge. Hazelhead Lane.
12. After the footbridge, turn left onto the road and walk past the farm building on the left hand side. Here the road bends sharply to the left. Turn right at this point into the unsurfaced lane (Lingart Lane). At the junction adjacent to the farm, continue straight ahead and locate a gate situated between 2 double gates on your left hand side.
13. Cross the stile and follow the hedge line for a short distance, about half way across the field, the hedge bears slightly towards the right. Continue straight ahead for a short distance until you locate a stile in the hedgerow.
14. Cross the adjacent field on a diagonal, bearing left. Use the gate and continue through the next field in the same direction. A gate is located in the corner, under the embankment. This leads you up onto the tarmac road of the pumping station.
15. From here, retrace the route over the weir and back to the car park.
Route Map
Starting Point The walk commences from the river end of the main car park situated behind Garstang Discovery Centre on the High Street in Garstang.
Starting Point - Map