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Testimony from a Just Reminiscing volunteer

I decided to become a volunteer and join Wyre council in their new venture Just Reminiscing after my mum died. I had given up work to care for her as she had various ailments, the worst being vascular dementia. We had lots of bad days towards the end, but some really good days when mum was mum and we enjoyed talking about earlier memories, her mum, sister, family. Then she’d go and lose her teeth, and swear blind they’d been stolen, only for me to find them in the bin, she did find that funny. Or she’d go wandering off, only to be brought home by police.

Dementia is a dreadful disease and anyone going through what I have been through needs a medal. It’s lovely to have someone to talk too, even a 10 minute chat can relieve some of the stress and may just jog a loved ones memory of something from their past which has been forgotten, even what they had for breakfast! Volunteering is a very good way to share experiences and help in any small way possible.