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Apprenticeship case studies

Daine Banks – Corporate Apprentice  

“When I left college (Blackpool Sixth Form), I knew that I was going to be looking for a degree apprenticeship, ideally within the business and finance field. When I was lucky enough to get the role of corporate apprentice, I was given the opportunity to be involved with a variety tasks that take place across various teams within the council This has helped me to gain a better understanding of how different teams operate throughout the council. This has also allowed me to build good relationships with a wide range of staff and has meant that I am comfortable when contributing and working on projects with them. All these factors combined along with the privilege of having a fully funded business management degree allows me to confidently know that I had made the right decision in joining Wyre Council and I am really looking forward to what my future holds here.”  


Amy Collier- Corporate Apprentice   

“Ever since leaving High School I knew that I wanted to get a degree apprenticeship rather than going to university. My apprenticeship at Wyre Council allows me to gain a fully funded chartered business management degree whilst earning a full-time wage. It also allows me to develop my networking skills as well as valuable experience in the workplace. I am very thankful for this opportunity as it allows me to get the best start to my career.”