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Fleetwood Weekly News

Stylist tells of horrifying moment raider struck

20/08/2014 13:04

A plucky Fleetwood hairdresser has told how she stood up to a menacing would-be thief who came into the salon and demanded cash from the till.

Highbury parking woe over?

20/08/2014 12:55

Double yellow lines to ease congestion around Fleetwood Town Football Club will be in place by October.

Chance to make your bike shine for big cycle event

20/08/2014 12:25

Fleetwood’s Memorial Park is hosting a LightCycles and LumiDogs creative workshop this Saturday.

Man attacked wife’s friend after row at woman’s home

20/08/2014 12:21

A man grabbed his wife’s best friend by the hair when they went to stay at her Fleetwood home.

Farewell to folk like Alan

20/08/2014 12:18

Alan Bell admits he might be shedding a tear and downing a glass of scotch when the curtain finally comes down on his tenure with the Fylde Folk Festival.