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Wyre Council takes to the streets to sign up voters

Published on Wednesday 16th March 2011

Council staff will be out in force on local high streets, in shopping centres and at community venues at the end of the month to register would-be voters in Wyre.

Armed with voter registration forms and an electronic copy of the official Electoral Register, they will be spreading the 'Register to Vote' message and encouraging people to sign up in time for the forthcoming elections.

Local and parish elections, together with the National Referendum on the alternative vote system, will take place on Thursday 5 May.

By voting local residents can have their say on local services from community safety and recycling to sports and leisure, parks and open spaces plus many more delivered by Wyre Council.

But residents must be registered by 14 April to be able to vote.

Michael Ryan, Returning Officer and Counting Officer for Wyre, said: "We want to encourage as many people aged 18 and over to have their say on local services by casting their vote at the forthcoming elections.

"But voting is not an automatic right as you must be on the official Electoral Register to be able to do so.

"It's easy to register to vote. Voter registration forms are available on request or online and only take a few minutes to fill in. Just send us a hard copy, complete with your signature, for the council to process."

Local colleges and sixth forms will also be visited to target first-time voters and highlight the benefits of voting for young people.

Later this month, individual polling cards with details of designated polling stations will be sent out to residents already listed on the Register of Electors. Registered voters who have opted for a postal or proxy vote will receive the relevant paperwork next month.

For more information please contact Electoral Registration on 01253 887257 or visit www.wyrebc.gov.uk/Find/elections

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